***CLEARANCE*** - Dog Ball Launcher/Thrower/Hands Free Pick Up & Tennis ball

***CLEARANCE*** - Dog Ball Launcher/Thrower/Hands Free Pick Up & Tennis ball

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This dog ball launcher is ideal for playing outside with your dog. The end grip makes it simple to pick up and throw muddy balls while keeping your hands clean. This gives you the ability to throw the ball further than usual. It encourages your dog to get some exercise.


Throwing the balls further during the Catch and Fetch Play may cause pressure on your shoulders or arms. Further, you have to make your hands dirty by picking up the dog balls from the ground. Both of these issues are solved by the ball launcher, which encourages healthy and longer playtime with your pet. These launchers allow you to throw the ball longer and quicker while also allowing you to grip the ball without using your hands.

Tennis Ball + Launcher

The attractive colour of the ball will attract the dog's attention. The dog ball thrower causes the ball to bounce in various directions, attracting your pet's interest and allowing them to practise their chasing, seeking, and hunting skills. These tennis balls for dogs with good elasticity are perfect for dog training and interactive activities; you can throw the balls out and ask your dog to return them back; you will be happy to observe your dog's excitement for this game; you can also use this toy while swimming.

Keep Your Dog Engaged and Healthy

This product is made completely of recycled plastic. Our business model is built to minimize environmental effects. During Catch and Fetch Play, there will be no more mucky hands. Pick up the balls for dogs with the ball thrower without touching the tennis ball.

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